Compact, cost effective power units

Fusion Power Core

Compact Fusion Systems, a Santa Fe-based energy technology company, has been awarded a grant by the Department of Energy Advanced Research Projects Agency for Energy (DOE ARPA-E).

The award will support the technical development of a Fusion Power Core with commercial availability starting in 2030.

The power core will be:

  • Compact-Modular
  • 50-500 MWe
  • <5c / kWh
  • Zero CO2 emissions
  • 25+ year operation life

The Fusion Power Core is being developed in partnership with the University of Maryland Baltimore County.  Compact Fusion Systems is working with Los Alamos National Laboratory, and Sandia National Laboratories with support from the New Mexico Economic Development Department by participation in the Small Business Assistance program.  The ARPA-E grant will support the reuse of equipment that is currently in storage at AFRL, left over from the Shiva Star experiment, and redesign of capacitor banks for a proof of principle device.  Compact Fusion Systems is seeking investment to build out and test the Proof of Principle device as shown in Fig. 1 and in the fly-by video.

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Figure 1. Integrated test of fuel injector and compressor for Proof of Principle will be ~3m long.
Figure 2. Flyby video of the Conceptual design for the Proof of Principle